A global measure of risk for kernel estimators in Nikolski classes

Photos of Sergey Nikolskii from The Russian Academy of Sciences The MSE  gives an error of the estimator $latex {\hat{p}_{n}}&fg=000000$ at an arbitrary point $latex {x_{0}}&fg=000000$, but it is worth to study a global risk for $latex {\hat{p} _{n}}&fg=000000$. The mean integrated squared error (MISE) is an important global measure, $latex \displaystyle \mathrm{MISE}\triangleq\mathop{\mathbb E}_{p}\int\left(\hat{p} _{n}(x)-p(x)\right)^{2}dx &fg=000000$ […]

Kernel density estimation

I will make a summary of ideas about nonparametric estimation, including some basics results to develop more advanced theory later. In the first post  we talk something about the density estimation and the nonparametric regression. Later, in posts about histogram (I,II,III,IV) , we saw how the histogram is a nonparametric estimator and we studied its […]