I started the Project Euler as a personal commitment to learn the programming language Python.  Also I will—or at least I will try to—use some scientific libraries like scipy, numpy or matplotlib.  Python has many more libraries for scientific tasks, but for the moment I will keep it simple.

“Project Euler exists to encourage, challenge, and develop the skills and enjoyment of anyone with an interest in the fascinating world of mathematics.”

I encourage to everyone to try the Project Euler. Really it is a very interesting challenge to learn mathematics mixed with your programming skills.

In the following table are all the problems that I already solved. I recommend you, before see the solution, try the problem by yourself.

You can ask me your ideas if you get stuck, share your solutions or simply let me know if you found any bug or improvement in my implementation.

However, to avoid compulsive cheaters, I will not publish the exact answer for the problems. At least you have to run the codes to know them!

Good luck and happy coding!

Problems 1 – 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

* The dates in parenthesis show when the solution will be available.


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