Keeping yourself updated to new theories and discoveries in the scientific world is crucial. Talking with a university’s friend, we agreed that reading recent articles about our interest areas is comparable to read the local newspaper.

Sometimes I am a little forgetful and I could pass to check all the news advances in statistics very often. Happily, I discovered which allow me to create “recipes” to receive all those updates directly to my email.

The question is how? Well, just create an account with your usual email or your university’s if you want. In personal recipes, make this one:

if [ Feed]  then [Email Email]

Click on “New feed item” and then put your favorite RSS scientific journal url on it. Rinse and repeat with all the journals that you want.

Some examples the journals that I have on my list:

If you have any others interesting journals, let me know it in the comments.

I hope that this tip improve your scientific knowledge. See you the next time.

Update: To improve the efficiency of this method, I advice you to keep an empty email inbox. Read the first Chapter of “Lifehacker: The Guide to Working Smarter, Faster and Better”

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