talento destacado Maikol Solís
Talento destacado, Maikol Solís. Setiembre 2013. Original version. English translation.

The monthly section “Talento destacado del mes” from the TICOTAL network (Red de Talento Costarricense en el Extranjero, in Spanish) made me an interview about my experience as Ph.D student in France.

I talked about the process at the University of Costa Rica (UCR) to get the international scholarship which is a strange story. Back in 2009, I was written my Master’s thesis for the UCR. One day my professor Javier Trejos Zelaya, called me one day a said me: “Come to my office tomorrow, we need to talk”. He told me that the international french cooperation had a scholarship available to start the master and then the doctorate. Surprisingly, the only requirement was that they needed the person travel in a month. In a very relaxed way, he looked at me and said me: “I put your name, right?”

I accepted the offer, with tons of fear and doubts due to the short time for prepare the journey.

The next year I could finish the two masters: one in the UCR and the other at the University Paul Sabatier. In September 2010 started the PhD program in Paul Sabatier.

In general, I talked about the enormous potential having in Costa Rica in science and technology. We are a small country, lacking of social, economic or technological advances contrary to many developed countries. However, we can look research opportunities in almost every area because, in most cases, nothing is done yet. Public or private institutions could support researchers to improve or add its processes. We have only to make the right questions to the right persons.

To read the whole interview, I put the link in the photo aside.

Take home message

Just to finish, I would like to finish with these questions

  • What could we improve in your country in mathematical and statistical research?
  • Are there enough incentives to make high quality investigations or not?
  • What do you think?

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